Hi, I'm Bryn. Im originally from Prescott, Arizona and now call Lake Tahoe my home and inspiration. In fact, I didn't pick up a paint brush in a looooong time till moving to California. I am an entirely self-taught mountain artist of whimsical and playful commercial and art illustrations. It is amazing what art can do. Next time you're biking, hiking, climbing, kayaking - whatever it may be, stash a pen and paper in your bag. Thats how I got started.


I've done anything from over the fireplace pieces to podcast art. I am up for any project you may have! To inquire about a custom commission, please shoot me an email with as many details as possible.  I'd like to know things like:

  • Size

  • Medium (watercolor, ink, line style)

  • References to previous work I've done that you like

  • Photos of the place or links to the sort of idea you have in mind

  • Your timeline

All inquiries are welcome. Happy playing!



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